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  • Avo Deco Flowerpot, Black, Terracotta


    Terracotta flowerpot for decoration with uniquely handpainted motive.

  • Avo Deco Flowerpot, White, Terracotta


    Terracotta flowerpot for decoration with handpainted motive. Just perfect for your plants

  • Avo Deco Flowerpot, White, Terracotta


    Terracotta decoration flowerpot to be styled together with other home accessories for the perfect and modern look.

  • Baldrian Deco Vase, Orange, Stoneware


    Stoneware decoration vase for dried flowers in a lovely bown glaze. It is an art piece, so display all alone or group with other home accessories to complete the look.

  • Balduin Deco Vase, Brown, Terracotta


    This vase classifies as an art piece, and is handcrafted in terracota. Use it as a show piece and display it as a single item or group it with other home accessories.

  • Baldvin Deco Vase, Brown, Stoneware


    Stoneware deco vase for dried flowers or as a show piece. It has a very beautiful green glaze that fits in very well

  • Bedi Deco, Nature, Reclaimed Wood


    The Bedi Deco by Creative Collection is a true statement piece for every home. The wood is reclaimed from old vintage wood, which has been carefully selected from old buildings and reconstructed as art pieces – each will vary in shape and be unique.

  • Berhan Deco, Nature, Stoneware


    Unique sculptural statement piece – display alone or group with other home accessories – either way it will be the perfect and complete look

  • Berican Deco Vase, White, Terracotta


    The Berican deco vase in terracotta with a rough white glaze quickly becomes the center of attention. The discrete silhuette of a face draws you in and it’s bold height of 40 cm makes it a true center piece that can be placed alone on the floor or in a windows sill in a beautiful Nordic still life.

  • Bess Candlestick, Blue, Polyresin


    The Bess Candlestick by Bloomingville is made of blue polyresin, and is a highly decorative element for any room. Its geometric lines and colors gives a very interesting air to this candlestick, and you can easily combine it with other decoration.

  • Bowl, Mach, Nature


    Dimensions: h: 12 cm, dia: 22 cm
    With Mach, you get a one-of-a-kind bowl for your home décor. Handmade of paper, each bowl is unique in finish, colour and size. Your bowl might not be perfectly even around the edges, but that is a deliberate part of the design and shows the craftsmanship that has gone into making it. Create a balanced display by placing the bowl from House Doctor together with metal candle holders, glass vases or ceramic objects. Paper is a somewhat surprising material for home décor and Mach Small is no doubt an interesting piece of design because of that. Because the bowl is handmade and unique, the height varies from 10 cm to 19 cm while the diameter varies from 18 cm to 34 cm. Each item is handmade and completely unique. As the material is recycled, colour, texture and composition may vary. Any variation in the appearance is a part of the design. The item is not intended to come into contact with food.

  • Cacia Deco, Nature, Reclaimed Wood


    Say hi to Cacia who is a lovely piece of deco in recycled wood. Place her alone or in a Nordic still life.

  • Chilas Clip, Black, Firwood


    Magnetic black clip for posters – the easy way to hang them on a wall.

  • Daiva Deco, Brown, Mango


    The Daiva Wall Decor by Bloomingville is a fine piece of home decor that comes all the way from the Philippines. Many workhours has gone into carving it and an effort has been made to create all the fine details in the beatiful mango wood. By placing this piece of home decor on your table or window i’ll you bring a little piece of nature into your home. Each will varie and be unique due to the natural material and item being handcrafted.

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