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  • Body butter, Linen dew


    Dimensions: h: 6 cm, dia: 9.3 cm
    Keep your skin soft and supple with this certified organic body butter from Meraki. Aloe vera, shea butter and a range of nourishing oils from olive, sunflower and almond come together to relieve dry skin and add much needed moisture without being greasy. The body butter contains the fragrance called Linen Dew with notes of peppermint and patchouli. Gently massage the body butter into clean and dry skin and use as needed. Certified organic by Ecocert Cosmos.

  • Body butter, Northern dawn


    Dimensions: h: 6 cm, dia: 9.3 cm
    A certified organic and deeply nourishing body butter from Meraki. The silky-smooth moisturiser called Northern Dawn does not leave a greasy sensation. Rich in organic ingredients such as aloe vera, shea butter, as well as organic oils from almond, sunflower and olive. They all prevent the skin from drying out, leaving it soft and moisturised. Certified organic by ECOCERT Cosmos.
    Notes: Fresh orange, cedarwood and sweet balsamic.

    Gently massage a suitable amount into your skin. Suitable for daily use and for all skin types.

  • Body butter, Silky mist


    Dimensions: h: 6 cm, dia: 9.3 cm
    This certified organic body butter from Meraki leaves your skin soft and supple without being greasy. Aloe vera, shea butter and a host of nourishing oils from almond, sunflower and olive come together to relieve dry skin and add much needed moisture. The body butter contains the fragrance called Silky Mist with notes of white citrus blossom. Gently massage the body butter into clean and dry skin and use as needed. Certified organic by Ecocert Cosmos.

  • Cleaning sponge, Reseda, Natural Pack of 2 pcs


    Dimensions: l: 11 cm, w: 7 cm, h: 2 cm
    Use these cleaning sponges as a better alternative to ones made of plastic and synthetic materials. You get a set of 2 sponges called Reseda which are made of 100% wood pulp. They do not scratch the surface but gently clean it. Leave the sponges next to your dishsoap from Meraki. They might be everyday items but with their neutral colour, they fit into the calm and natural atmosphere that makes Meraki stand out.

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    Cloth, Bare, Sand

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    Dimensions: l: 31 cm, w: 31 cm
    A set of 2 practical cotton cloths for your kitchen. They are decorative as well, thanks to the waffle knit and sand coloured edge that provide the finishing touch. Keep them by your dishsoap and sponge from Meraki, and complete the natural and down to earth atmosphere in your kitchen with the Bare tea towels in the same design. They might be basic, everyday household items but they do play a role in decorating your home.

  • Foot cream


    Dimensions: w: 5.5 cm, h: 17.5 cm, dia: 3.50 cm
    A moisturising, soothing and nourishing foot cream from Meraki with carbamide, organic sesame oil and an organic oat extract. It is quickly absorbed and leaves your feet soft and well taken care of. The foot cream has a wonderful scent of sweet oranges, patchouli and cedarwood.

    Use the Meraki foot cream on clean, dry feet. Massage a generous amount of cream into your feet. For extra care, use the cream before bed and let the skin absorb the cream overnight.

  • Foot file, Grey


    Dimensions: l: 27.8 cm, w: 5.5 cm
    Smooth and soft feet are a must when it is time for summer, beach and sandals. With this glass foot file from Meraki, it is easily achieved. The foot file comes in beautiful greyish nuances for a timeless look. File the feet gently and rinse the foot file with water after use. The material is durable, so you can enjoy your foot file, and smooth feet, for longer.

  • Hand soap, Mangosteen


    Dimensions: l: 7.5 cm, w: 5 cm, h: 3 cm
    Enjoy the many benefits of mangosteen in this soap bar from Meraki. The small, exotic fruit contains antioxidant compounds which protect your skin from free radicals and have a calming effect. Olive oil makes sure that your skin stays moisturised throughout the day. Place the soap bar on a soap dish to keep your sink neat and clean.

  • Hand soap, Sesame Scrub


    Dimensions: dia: 5 cm
    This small, round soap bar from Meraki gives your hands a gentle exfoliation thanks to a sesame scrub. Formulated with essential oils from spearmint, cedarwood and eucalyptus, enjoy a cooling and invigorating effect as you use the soap. The soap bar is an ideal hostess gift or soap for the guest bathroom thanks to its size.

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    Kitchen towels, Bare, Sand, set of 2

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    Dimensions: l: 50 cm, w: 50 cm
    A set of 2 everyday kitchen towels with an upgraded design. Bare from Meraki are both practical thanks to the absorbant and soft cotton, and at the same stylish due to the waffle knit and sand coloured edge. Hang them on a hook near your kitchen sink and use them to dry your hands, clean up spill and wipe the kitchen counter. Complete the natural and down to earth atmosphere in your kitchen with the Bare dish cloths in the same colour. Despite being an everyday item, a kitchen towel plays a part in creating a cohesive look in your kitchen.

  • Micellar makeup remover


    Remove your makeup without drying out or irritating your skin. This gentle micellar makeup remover from Meraki softens and moisturises your skin with aloe vera, glycerine and betaine. To give your face an instant glow, the formula contains earth marine water. The result? A clean, makeup-free face that is left smooth and soft. The micellar makeup remover is certified organic by Ecocert according to Cosmos Standardand carries the Nordic Ecolabel.

    Apply the makeup remover to a cotton pad and gently swipe it over your face. To remove eye makeup, hold the cotton pad against closed eyes for a few seconds and gently swipe. Repeat as needed and do not rinse off.

  • Moisturising shampoo


    Dimensions: h: 19 cm, dia: 7 cm
    Repair and revitalise dry hair with this nourishing and moisturising shampoo from Meraki. Formulated with a vegetable protein, each strand is strengthened from the inside out, while provitamin B5 and a beet root extract provide intense moisture and softness. The result? Smooth and naturally healthy-looking hair with shine. Enjoy a soft lather and a refreshing yet subtle fragrance with notes of bergamot, grapefruit and tangerine.

    Wet your hair and gently massage the shampoo into your scalp and hair. Rinse. Suitable for daily use.

  • Moisturising sock, Grey Set of 2 pcs


    Dimensions: l: 23.5 cm, w: 10 cm, h: 1 cm
    Give your feet an intense boost of moisture with this pair of moisturising socks from Meraki. The inside contains vitamin E, lavender, olive oil and jojoba oil which soften and care for your skin. Enjoy wonderfully soft feet that are more than ready for summer and sandals.

    Start with a relaxing foot soak or bath. Apply a generous amount of cream on your feet and put on the socks. Keep them on until the cream has been absorbed. Massage any remaining cream into the skin. After use, turn the socks inside out and rinse with water. Dry on a flat surface. The socks can be used up to 50 times.

    Care instr. Hand wash only

  • Multi balm


    Dimensions: h: 10.5 cm, dia: 2.5 cm
    An intense boost of moisture and nourishment to dry or damaged skin. The ingredients in the multi balm from Meraki all work to relieve dry skin and restore the moisture balance. Shea butter maintains the moisture and elasticity of your skin while almond oil and sunflower oil are packed with vitamins including the antioxidant vitamin E.
    Certified organic by Ecocert Cosmos.

    Use the Multi Balm on dry patches, cracked lips and hands that need extra care and attention. Also suitable for soothing rashes and minor cuts.

  • Nail file, Grey


    Dimensions: l: 12 cm, w: 1.3 cm
    Well groomed nails are easily obtained with this nail file from Meraki. It has the perfect size and comes in a small box so you can easily take it with you. The nail file has a modern and Scandinavian look with its greyish nuances.

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